About us


Trusanga Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. (www.trusanga.com)

We are a research driven and innovation oriented company with a passion to redefine learning.

We are focused on developing intelligent engines that aid exploration and assessment of abilities, and pro-actively lay real-time learning paths. Trusanga has developed cutting-edge learning technology based on research in information flow, learning systems, and predictive modeling.

Our vision is to develop a holistic learning and development ecosystem that is founded on electronic media, leverages analytical intellect, and most importantly assimilates human wisdom.

Our mission is to be the pioneer in new-generation learning and development systems that help individuals and organizations maximize human potential.

Trusanga founders bring together over fifteen years of collective doctoral research in mathematical and statistical modeling. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, we have successfully used advanced modeling in several fields including real-estate, transportation, logistics, retail, CPG, and banking. Intellectual property in Trusanga is an outcome of extensive research in information flow, learning behavior, and testing.

Our core intellectual property is Analytical Intelligence Engines for learning, human resource development, and human resource management. The engines are based on proprietary Vectorized Latent Strength (VLS) models. Trusanga engines view individual ability as a multi-dimensional construct and enable precise and objective assessments of abilities. Quantification of abilities opens up a wide array of possibilities for administrators staring from visualization monitoring, leading to optimization and planning.