Do I need an internet connection?

Yes, you will need an internet connection, as the course material and the system have to be accessed directly from our servers.

I am not very techno savvy, how do I use it?

The system is very easy to use and does not require any technical skills. If you are able to check your email, you will be able to use Mati-Gati. We will also provide you a detailed easy to read Mati-Gati help manual which will explain how to use it.

What if I get stuck, whom do I contact?

The Mati-Gati team will be always there to help. You can send us an email with your query at mati-gati@trusanga.com or call us at 020-66003874.

Can I share Mati-Gati with my friends?

It is advised that you do not share Mati-Gati with your friends. One of the most distinct and valuable feature of Mati-Gati is the Adaptive Learning Method which customizes the content for each user. If you share the online Password, you friend’s performance will be taken as your and the learning material will change which might not be according to your preparation level.

Still did not get your answer, email us at mati-gati@trusanga.com or call us at 8805016781 / 8805016780